our heart, an ocean of love
our heart, an ocean of grace
our heart, an ocean of wisdom
our heart, an ocean of empathy
our heart, an ocean of benevolence
our heart, an ocean of empowerment
our heart, an ocean of transcendence

our heart, an ocean of zeal and warmth
with the zest to walk on hot soaring embers

our heart standing like the mystical Phoenix
a pyramid of fortitude

but we forget we own it all
stuck in the cocoon with chains’
in the grind
captive within ourselves
escape the chrysalis

we have it all
quintessential and complete
unmarred and straight-out

when our heart is so full
why chase the mirage

submerge in contentment
kiss the petals of serenity
embrace the mist of stillness
revel in the harmony of quietude
paddle the blades of attaintment

you are complete
a whole
an infinite being

our heart a consummate piece of art
our heart with beauty beyond any realms
our heart, a survivor
own it darlin’
it’s all yours

hurray to your vintage heart’


Love, peace & blessings

I was mesmerized by the untouched beauty of Mount Rainier in Seattle, Washington.

I stared at the lake, eagle-eyed, without blinking for a few seconds.

How can something be so calm and collected, I wondered.

Rightfully said, ” be an artist, see the beauty not only with your eyes but also with your heart”.

– Debasish Mridha


  1. Ranjana Saxena

    Deep thinking!! Love it💕💕

  2. Geetika

    Wow ! Yes, our heart always tells us the right thing 💕

  3. Sushma malhotra

    Well expressed

  4. Shaila

    Thank you Monika Ji for sharing your so uplifting and beautiful write-ups. They have a lot of depth and speak the truth.
    I truly feel Baba is guiding you every step of your way. You are his true angle and will uplift and change many lives.
    My words can’t express the gratitude I have for you. Just stay blessed and in truth.


    So true, and very well said Mona!! Our heart has the capacity and capability to do wonders. We just need to take the time out to listen to it and be at contentment with it💕


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