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…What is Quote Cafè- Thoughts in a Cup?

 Life throws us surprise curve balls.

We all go through the stings and spasms to escape the nerve-wracking circle.

No exception; my life took a 360-degree turn with two major life-changing incidents. I was an emotionally shaken wreck with physical wounds.

It made me question many things about my identity. I was miserable, merged into self-pity and victim moods, and blamed the world for the misgivings.

Many things were beyond my comprehension as I could not understand the reason and logic behind them. It made no sense to me; I thought they were baseless; however, they taught me one fundamental thing, never to ignore one’s gut and thoughts.

I soon realized that I needed to change the course of my wavering thoughts.

I had to find the felix culpa in all the mistakes, even if they were learning points.

01/18/2018, 11:16 pm, I was mentally disturbed with churning thoughts. The moonlight peeping through the window gently caressed my solemn face. I was enveloped with unstoppable tears and a lump in my throat. I picked up my pen and paper; thoughts became words, words became sentences, and sentences became paragraphs. I poured my heart out on the blank canvas flowing with the moment.

That was when Quote Café was born. I decided to be bold and share my story with the world, weaved with a blend of affirmations and short poems.

Quote café is my sanctuary to express, emote, and write. Writing has taught me the power of silence, self-love, forgiveness, and letting go to heal at a deeper level.

Every human has a story to share from their galaxy of vast experiences. Will you be brave enough to share it with the world?


I had built walls around my heart

Soldered and cemented with stony eyes

Plastered to a tough gateway

Drugged with dusky emotions

Denied me to the nectarous petals

Until I knocked down my old, shaggy self

Drowned into the divine me

Hugged the angelic fabric in my bones

Wiped the fog and mist

Trimmed the weeds

Chucked the rummage and shavings

The denial was over at last

Carried me in my open arms

Sniffed the fragrant lavender

Sipped the holy ambrosia

I unchained

I delivered to myself

My silent soul

A sense of calm finally

Quote Café~my sanctuary to express, emote, and write a story weaved with affirmations and poems.

My mission: Heal someone somewhere on this planet with the magic of my words.

My mantra: Be affectionately detached to all.

My hashtag: #theboldwithinme

My tagline: Life is simple; why complicate it?

My happy pill: Coffee with my thoughts.

Keep the good karma flowing.

Love, peace & blessings.


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