When gratitude becomes an essential foundation in our lives, miracles start to appear everywhere- Emmanuel Dalgher

As a child, I have always believed that things always happen at the right time in one’s life. Miracles, of course, every day there is a miracle that happens, we just have to recognize them. All my life I have always wanted to voice my opinions and share my thoughts with everybody. My parents, Dr. Yudhi Ahuja & Prabha Ahuja strongly instilled the value of hard work and to leave the results to almighty, which is the core essence of the holy Bhagwad Gita. I try very hard to practice that and if I have my pen on the paper, it’s all because of the impetus I imbibed through them!

My husband Yogesh – my rock, my two children Rishiv and Shivina who are my lifeline. How can I ever forget the words ‘You can do it, Mona, Mom’, constantly echoing in my ears. Days and nights when I had doubts about my capabilities, I found them right next to me, with full support and unconditional love.

My most understanding and nurturing parent in-laws Amrit & Krishna Chugh, who have taught me the value of compassion, humility, and selfless love to others.

My siblings Alka, Sumeet, and Sameera with who I grew up and spent my maturing years. As the wise say, ‘ One does not need a therapist when one has worthwhile siblings’, which I have!

My extended family in India and the USA and all my wonderful friends who have watched me closely grow in the last few years, a big thank you to all of you! Each and every one of you have played a very symbolic role in grooming me to what I am today.

Above all, I am truly thankful and grateful to almighty who has gifted me with the power to write, express myself in a transparent way and try to reach out to the masses in a healing manner.

* Special mention to my older sister Alka Chopra, who has been my guide, my mentor, and my ’24 hour’ tech support in creating my blog. Thank you is simply not enough:))

I am not perfect, have my own set of flaws and shortcomings, but with all the love and affection being showered, I try to introspect and keep moving on. I strive to keep my journey of writing moving forward with full faith in myself, guiding force from all of you, and to never look back.

Do find someone strong in your life who constantly pushes you in the right direction, holds on to you when you waver and always remember, ‘It doesn’t matter how far you might rise, at some point, you are bound to stumble…. If you are constantly pushing yourself higher, the law of averages, not to mention the Myth of Icarus, predicts that you will at some point fall. And when you do, I want you to know this, remember this, There is no such thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction! –Oprah Winfrey


Love, peace & blessings!

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