Meet Shivina- Creative Director

Shivina is a rising senior at Mission San Jose High School, Fremont, CA. She is very active in her school clubs, Relay for Life, DECA, and Peer Support Group. She is the co-founder of Save Your Saviors, which has helped the medical community during times of COVID-19, raised funds for homelessness and domestic violence for non-profit organizations, and continues to do so. She believes that she was born with pots and pans in her hands as cooking is her passion and loves to be in the kitchen trying different cuisines.

She aspires to be an entrepreneur one day, loves Philz Coffee and Disneyland!

Meet Alka- Web Design Director

Alka Chopra is a dietitian, a self-care advocate, an arts & crafts addict & a tech lover. She keeps

herself busy with some creative project on hand at all times – whether be it a new recipe, a new

painting or even developing a new website. Alka strongly believes that keeping your mind

creatively occupied is the path to achieve satisfaction and calm in your life. Alka runs an online

health & wellness business and can be found at

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