—Praying for PEACE!
…we all are living in times of uncertainty
where skepticism and unpredictability
have taken over our lives
i reminisce about the days
when we were so simple-minded
and ingenuous
were we ignorant or naive
neither of those
we were just transparent
and an incomplex breed of souls
happy together with respect
for each other’s values
over some time
i have learned to embrace the unknown
i have understood the power of connection to the self
i have understood life is like a game of dice
anytime you are lost
or fall between the cracks
look up
you will find the vast sky above
retrace your footsteps
that will lead you to your heart
your haven’
give yourself a hug
share you warmth
snuggle with hope
nestle your mind
we all are in this together
Love, peace & blessings.


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