——Boston, I owe a HUGE chunk of my life to you…thank you is not enough:))
…change, balance, reflection, introspection, and letting go of all holding me back.
…embracing the universe with coffee, silent whispers with the garland of autumn leaves—yellow, gold, red, and orange, harmonizing each hue and etching calmness within each cell of my body.
…a whiff of the crisp air
golden as sparkling cider
o’ the fragrant pine and cedars
in rhythm with
the calm whispering breeze
the spicy scent of the drizzle
on the damp dust
withering petals
crunchy autumn leaves
falling on
the cobblestone alley
a medley of potpourri
a montage of colors
keep your lamp shining
to pave your path
through the mélange
of the green meadows
tasting all the colors
the bouquet
of your flowers
a gentle affair
your baroque life
Love, peace & blessings.


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