The adage “ wisdom comes with age ” definitely holds to its words.
My 104-year-old, happy-go-lucky patient, Mr. XYZ, filled my ears, brain, and heart with these seven precious nuggets for life.
The twenty-minute eye examination turned out to be the most enriching experience, leaving me with immense gratitude, profound truths, and insightful pieces of learning.
Sharing the priceless chunk worth a king’s ransom with all of you.
1. Never have any regrets in life.
2. Do not feel inferior in front of others.
3. Do what your heart truly wants to do.
4. Don’t ever give up, no matter what the situation.
5. Why take life seriously, after all, it’s a gift; accept it as it comes.
6. Express your emotions, don’t hold back, scream, laugh, cry, talk it out.
7. Listen, listen, and listen.
…and that’s why he decided to have cataract surgery at this age, ( he waited too long ) after all, he wants to see the world nice and crisp now.
Now that was pretty gutsy for him to go ahead with the procedure at this age, leaving my eyeballs popping out through the door, but, then I remembered, he was following- No Regrets.
Lastly, before he left, he quoted, “Doc, if possible, find humor in everything; it will make you and the other person happy without creating any unnecessary friction.”
Centenarian astuteness, knowledge, foresight, experiences, balance, and sanity is what I will hold close forever within me.
It was an honor for me to serve someone who has lived through history, world wars, and all the way to the Covid-19 pandemic.
Mr. XYZ will always be my classic, vintage, and sassy patient forever.
*** name of the patient withheld for privacy***
***all work is copyrighted***
Love, peace & blessings


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