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Supernatural entity God has created us and gifted us a beautiful life! Socrates claimed that an unexamined life is really not worth living! Bhagavad Gita teaches karma and how the environment affects our deep inner self and consciousness. Materialistic things or so-called objects will take us only so far but where does the final path lead to? Strike into your deeper self, and answer the question ” What is your worth”? 

The value of life is not in the length of days, but in the use, we make of them, a man may live long yet very little! -Michel de Montaigne

Life a non-stop journey

Ceaseless, incessant on constant wheels

Born in the balmy arms of mother earth

Conceived to live and prove our worth

Childhood full of chuckles, giggles and constant tee-hee

Pellucid thoughts, crystal vision, and a luminous mind

Time flowing by like a gushing waterfall

Few years later, much more and beyond

Languidly getting tied in the convoluted worldly bonds

Amidst acrimony, disdain, and scorn

Wonder where and why the chastity and impeccability marked its final way?

Clock of life is ticking away

Giving us propitious reminders

The day is not far

When we all shall depart


Like a crumbling flower and a withering leaf

Circle of life tweaks in with distress and grief

Back in the aromatic arms of mother earth

Our footprints on the platform shining through

Finally, what did our actions accrue?

Be like the mighty birds in an audacious flight

Chuckling from above with the angels on a starry night

Share a fragment of your beatific soul to the world

Leaving a remembrance that is crafted and pearled

Light the lantern with a gush of oil

Never to fade even in the slightest turmoil

Let the crusade be stalwart and wild

My life is destined to be graciously styled

Did you finally prove your worth?

Yes, I tried, with a twinkle in my eyes full of mirth!


Love, peace, and blessings!



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