What is Love After All?

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Love, the most used word, rather is the most misused word nowadays!

 I wonder if love is an exchange of energy, transfer of vibrations, investing in emotions, or just a mere word that we have scripted in our sub-conscience dictionary. An emotion that has intense depth in it but has lost its true essence, a word that is glorified beyond measure but the authentic aroma is nowhere to be found. What happened after all? Where and why did love disappear in thin air? Why did it fizzle away, and peter out without leaving any trace? Maybe we all need to self reflect and unveil our deeper layers to get to the root for the reason of the depletion.
The most strong emotion, the most captivating feeling, the most tenacious bond lies within the core of us and we still hunt for it all over.
The quest is never-ending, the mirage is glowing but we return empty-handed.

Think about it!

Love, peace, and blessings!


  1. Raman Sanghera


  2. Wendy

    Beautifully written

  3. Geetika

    You are right on point again, my dear.
    Man has become very materialistic and selfish. And that’s taking precedence over all other emotions 😔

  4. Tanu

    I love the description of love💕

  5. Aarti Makhijani

    So true Mo!!!! Well written as always 👌👌

  6. Ranjana

    Deep thinking….. philosopher friend💕

  7. Sonia Makhija

    #LOVE… if u believe in u ll find in everything .. its continuous journey.. and one needs to understand it’s not #give&take neither it’s two way emotion .. it’s just one way… U U only U are the pilot for this journey, which is open ended and when u start giving u start getting more n more…. ITS MY TAKE….

  8. Shilpa

    I completely agree that we should let free of each other in love! Remember you always say I am so lucky that I go to India so often? It is the love between Rajesh and I 🥰
    Very well written 👏🏻❤️

  9. Rupali

    Well said my dear!! True.. Love needs to be described and defined with emotions👌🏼

  10. MoNíka

    Shirley Philip Alex —lovely explanation of love.

  11. MoNíka

    jigna faria–On the dot 👌💕


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