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The last few days and months were very tough and emotionally grueling! Fuzzy vision, choppy thoughts, and a gazillion questions racing through my mind. 

 **NO, this is definitely NOT a SELF PITY or a SYMPATHY post! Just a gentle reminder to all of us to value ourselves, our most valuable possession-our loved ones!

Yes, I got hit while walking in the pedestrian crosswalk by a car, and it seemed my whole life crashed in a split second. Typical trauma scene, 911, paramedics, police statement, loud siren noises, lying on the stretcher, and finally land up in the emergency room.

Swollen face, all black and blue, bruised body, aches and pains, but most importantly, my bones, jaws, eyes, and brain all intact! My doctor was astounded somewhat perplexed at the MRI report and commented, ” Monika, you have no idea how fortunate you are. ” My puffed-up bulging left eye had a teardrop stuck in the corner, pleading to roll down my cheek. I was overwhelmed and did not know how to react. Now that was one big reason to be immensely thankful to almighty. I just knew that the angels were protecting me I was saved, yes was intact, unscathed, and in one full piece!

How can I forget the two godsend angels who witnessed the whole incident, appeased me, and helped me till the end, may sunshine and happiness always be along with you! My teary-eyed husband, innocent daughter, and son, who was unaware of the whole situation, were like a faint vision in my brain. Really, this happened to you, Monika?

Our life is a sweet and sour amalgamation of the mundane, expected, and unexpected events. Martin Luther King Jr. claimed,’ A man is measured not where he stands in the moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy’!


Do we take life for granted? Yes, we do! We tend to act as if life revolves solely around us and always want things our way, but does that happen? Of course not! We brood over trivial and inconsequential things that we have no control over and lose the true essence of why we were gifted ‘LIFE’!

We are responsible for our happiness and have the right to choose our path, which we want to tread on. To say we are grateful is merely acknowledging the blessings God has granted us! Twists and turns happen with all of us, and it seems that we are on a roller coaster ride, please deal with it, embrace it gracefully, and walk with a sense of contentment. Life is good and earned only once, yes only, ONCE!

I am recovering well, happy to be all surrounded by my loved ones, my family, my close friends, and all of you! Deep inside, my inner voice resonates continuously to remind me to say THANK YOU to each and everyone who reached out to me personally on a regular basis!

Having my coffee, reading, writing, listening to my music, and being able to see all smiling faces around me is the most significant gift granted to me after my accident. The CREATOR blessed me with a MIRACLE!

Peep into your hearts, you all will have something to be thankful for, cherish your loved ones and always acknowledge their presence.

Life is a game, play it hard! Life is a challenge; accept it! Life is an opportunity, capture it!

Walter Anderson quotes, Bad things happen, how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – LIFE ITSELF!


Love, peace & blessings


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