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Reality check:

We all are in this together, attempting hard to be in sync. Globally we all are affected equally by this pandemic. Distant from each other yet close via technology, so a big thanks to all the techies who helped us achieve all these fancy goodies. In spite of all the gadgets, social media, virtually connects don’t you think it’s important for each of us to understand the real stuff?

We as humans have been sliding downwards, shifting towards negative energy, running behind futile things, jealousy, hatred, harming our beautiful nature, and above all not respecting each other for who we are!

Don’t you think we all owe an apology to each other, to the universe, make 2020 and beyond more pure, healthy, and beautiful?
It’s clearly a mind shift, where we try to understand ourselves, the folks around us, be more patient, be more tolerant, exuberate compassion, and show utmost regard to everyone in our life!
Time to internalize, stay calm, clean our minds, trash the mental muck and filth, and above all discover the real you.

The REAL YOU has the capacity to bring microscopic yet lofty changes in this world to make it a much better place to live on!


Love, peace, and blessings!


  1. Geetika

    Mona – humanity as a whole has degenerated. I really hope we use this opportunity to self analyze, retrospect on our lives so far and make a change.
    That said, It angers and saddens me to see some folks still not understanding the seriousness of this situation. We need to all play our roles to make an impact.
    Prayers for all to stay well and safe in these times 💕

  2. Tanu

    Well said Mona💕

  3. Sonia Sidhu

    Totally agree… time to reinvent ourselves.

  4. Ranjana

    Totally agree… time to reinvent ourselves.

  5. Sonia Sidhu

    So true Mona. Stay safe.

  6. Rajesh Verma

    MoNíka Chugh Agree 100%. I will start with me✅


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