The Long Wait & Mira Revived Back

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Mira was barely 16. Excited about life. She had dreams. She was vulnerable. She was impressionable. A life-changing incident. She waited long enough that taught her the power of forgiveness and standing up for herself.

Mira, a young, bubbly teenager with a big dimpled infectious smile, was a happy child. She had dreams, Cinderella fantasies; her Prince charming would come one day on a well-bred groomed horse and take her away to the land full of pots of gold. She was a hard-working girl, full of grit; however, she was a daydreamer, star gazing and moonstruck with all the hues of the rainbow in her small world. She often wondered if building castles in the air was the right thing to do, but at the same time, she was fully aware; her heart was always her best guide.

Mira was enveloped by immense love and support from her family. With her parents living out of the country, she had to settle in a boarding school for her high school years. Routines were very different, but no complaints as she managed to sail through them every single day. There were jubilant moments accompanied by melancholy ones when she would long for one warm hug and some words that could bring her up and about, but she still managed all very well on her own.

Going to her maternal aunt Krishna’s house every weekend was the highlight for her. She eagerly waited by the school gate every Friday afternoon when her uncle Hari would pick her up. The late-night chit-chatting and sharing her innermost secrets with her cousin Simrin was something she looked forward to week after week. Summer vacation was right at the corner, and Mira was super excited to travel and spend time with her family. As always, her favorite uncle Hari picked her up from school around 6:00 pm that Friday. Mira could not stop talking to him while they drove back home; her energy was skyrocketing; after all, she would be meeting her loved ones after six months.

It was getting dark at 7:00 pm, the traffic jam was at its peak, and uncle Hari took a detour with the intention to reach home on time. Mira started feeling a bit distressed and cramped in the car. Her gut was not too happy and was sending signals to her brain, ”Mira, something is not right; even though there is traffic, it should still not take that much time”. Uncle Hari came to a halt near an office building and said, ” Mira I need to meet an office colleague for a few minutes, please wait for me in the car, I will be back soon”.

That few minutes turned out to be an hour, and Mira was nervous and getting jittery; she wanted to be home as soon as possible. Finally, uncle Hari made his way back to the car, but in a different form. Mira felt uneasy and was afraid of her uncle, who was in an inebriated state. His alcoholic-smelling breath made her uncomfortable, and she wanted to dash out of the car. She was numb when she felt her uncle’s awkward gestures trying to come close to her physically. She felt paralyzed as though someone had handcuffed her. What was happening? Mira felt trapped and powerless till some unknown power took over her. She assertively requested, ” Please behave, uncle; you are not in your right senses, just drive me back home.” The man who she idealized all her life turned into a villian, and Mira felt betrayed. It was like a bomb had blasted with full speed. The respect came crashing down, and in her full senses, she slapped the man sitting next to her—the man whom she had put on a pedestal and had glorified all these years.

It was over!

Uncle Hari was shocked and dumbfounded. A timid man who tried to take advantage of his niece was stunned and felt impotent at Mira’s undaunted behavior. He was baffled at her militant and lionheartedness act. Quietly he started driving back home in a very awkward silence that prevailed in the car.

That night onward, all changed for Mira. She had this unseen cloud of tension between her cousin Simrin and aunt Krishna. It was not their fault; however, the gap widened. She detested her uncle; there was intense repugnance towards him, and she wanted to punish him for his misdoing. She tried a few times to confide in Simrin but held back with a feeling of shame and guilt. She started chastising herself internally as though it was her fault. Their house visits reduced and came to a stop when Mira decided to take their name off the list as her local guardian. It was a tough decision and hard to explain to her parents, but they abided by it.

The secret got buried in her heart with no mention to anyone. She often questioned herself, ” did I do anything wrong? ” She never got a concrete answer to her question and let it go by. She embalmed her innermost feelings and mummified them. The point of contact with her aunt Krishna and Simrin was all gone, it dissipated and that often bothered her, but there was no way to reconcile now. The gap widened till there was no communication between the families. Mira’s mother once asked her, ” please tell me what happened, let me help you. “
” No, mom, I am fine. I have grown apart from Simrin; leave it.”
That was the last time they ever spoke about this topic.

Years passed by, Mira was in a happy place in her life. Actively chasing her dreams, attaining her life goals, she was married and had a fulfilling family life. One evening her phone rang, and she heard the news that her aunt had passed away in a horrific accident. Mira was dismayed, and a colossal teardrop rolled down her cheek. Her most loving aunt was no more, and she had not spoken to her for almost two decades. There was a flashback of all the priceless memories, the screen of her mind was lit up with the time she had spent with her aunt growing up.

The phone rings again after a few years, with Mira’s mother on the other line, ” your uncle Hari is on life support; he is dying, he is alone with no one by his side.” Mira felt a sigh of relief; and said to herself; finally, he will be gone forever. Her anger and detest seemed to vanish away suddenly in the air. It was as though a gargantuan burden had been lifted off her chest; after all, it was payback time for uncle since he had played around with karma.

Uncle Hari passed away; he was in physical pain during the last few days of his life. However, Mira always wondered, did he have any remorse or shame? Did he ever want to redeem for what he had done? Did he have any realization of his hideous act? Was she right in her thought process? Should she forgive him?

Mira never got her answers. However, she understood the power of the universe. She accepted that one needs to keep the good karma flowing. She decided to forgive herself for having held on to the feeling of the blot for so long. She gathered her guts, opened up the skeletons from the closet, and confided in her sister Ahana. She bawled her eyes out, cried for hours, and finally escaped from the chrysalis. All these years she wanted to be heard but evaded from the truth and finally, it happened. Mira was relieved and felt comforted in the arms of her sister Ahana.

The bold and beautiful Mira decided to educate her daughter Sia to be a vocal, balanced and competent woman. She felt she owed it to her, and it was her duty to encourage her sense of autonomy to handle all the trials and tribulations within the circle of life.

In closing, Mira’s message is loud and clear, walk like a queen with high heels, chin up and never falter or take any abuse. Speak up at the right time, take risks, be gentle but not too nice to be taken advantage of, and lastly, you get to decide your worth, not the world around you.

Try to forgive if possible, it’s a divine feeling to calm yourself down and be the master of your own peace.

The stage is always open for you, win your own marathon.

It was a long wait but Mira REVIVED BACK!


Love, peace & blessings!


  1. Richa

    Beautiful Dr. Monika – brought tears to my eyes but it is unfortunately so true for so many young girls. Very well said about forgiveness and locking up your emotions like a tumor. Love your true heartfelt writing style – keep it up dear-

  2. Ranjana

    Amazing writing Monika!! You have a art of capturing human emotions so well!! So relevant to what women undergo in their life. Look forward to reading more from you!! Keep up the wonderful work!!

  3. vandana YADAV

    Monika this is so beautifully and craft fully written 👏🏼! All Emotions are so vividly penned down ! It’s awful that girls in young ages become the target of ill intentions and must be so awkward to open up as they pent up for years unhappily:((. Good write up !! I just wish that we teach our girls to open up and reach out instead of closing in

  4. ronja

    Amazing write up Monika! Hugs and lots of love to you! Thanks for sharing a piece of your heart with us

  5. misha

    Loved it …. intense but rings true as always ….. so
    many young girls must have gone through this in their lifetime …… glad a strong voice recited this

  6. Monica Lakhiani

    Very touching to the heart, good read. I liked the part revived back! Keep up the great work-

  7. Geetika Tewari

    Well written Monika! Unfortunately everyday story with so many girls, it takes courage to both stop the wrong and to forgive. I so agree, forgiveness is the only way to let go and feel free. Keep writing…

  8. Archita Mandal

    Deeply impactful for so many of us woman. Many of us have had such experiences and even worse at times. But to experience, overcome and champion over ouselves is the true essence of life. This you have captured so well. Kudos!❤️
    Keep thriving!!

  9. Shaila

    Its very heart Wrenching for a girl to go through that and unfortunately so many young girls quietly Go through it . On the other hand loved your message of ForgivEness and believing in your slef Is the key to life.


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