I have always been drawn to Buddhism’s principles. I had read about Kensho and Satori a while back, never understood what they really meant, until I dug myself deep into researching the true meaning of them.

In simple words- It’s the Zen tradition which emphasizes Buddha nature, representing the mystical experience, the experience of oneness, of seeing our true nature, emptiness, the absolute, whatever you want to call it- Daniel Scharpenburg

In an attempt to understand more, I read a lot, with tons of books getting piled up on my desk- my most favorite being the one my father gifted me last year – The Teachings Of Buddha by Bukkyõ Dendõ Kyõkai. The mystical and esoteric experience has made me move beyond a few challenging situations in my life. Trying to grasp the hardcore fundamentals of Bodhi nature, I realized we all have the Buddha in us; for some, it’s effortless to recognize; however, for someone like me, I feel I had to walk over the breadcrumbs to get the sense of it.

Maybe you feel the same way also; if you do so, dig deep to find the true you.

Kenshō- what is it after all? Lost a job, financial hardships, relationship break-ups- could be any disheartening episode in your life,  however, it stirs you up, it gives you the insight into who you truly are and how you handle the situation- Kenshō moments.

The Japanese word refers to an initial awakening experience, seeing one’s pure and authentic self after having gone through some rough patches- basically a realization point. Focus on the INITIAL part- it’s the initial glimpse of realization. It is a kaleidoscopic view of your life, an uproar of your soul, giving you a sense of direction.

However, to reach that state, one has to travel through roadblocks, pave one’s path, reframe failure, rename the sufferings, be in clear space, and above all, learn the art of letting go.

Time to recalibrate, twist the chords, untie a few strings, and align the beads together to weave the new YOU.

Pain is the fuel to grow, so don’t be afraid- gather yourself and let the universe guide you to your highest potential.

The important lesson here is not to get attached to any experience, be it good or bad.
Just let go.

I always wonder how can the mind just stop thinking? How to drop all the million thoughts racing across the mind?

Tough, very tough indeed!

Training the mind- Dhyana, as it is called, is one of the most incomprehensible experiences that I am working on continuously.  It can be a very exhausting and perplexing process; however, the temporary transcendental feeling is very uplifting.

Is Kenshō the end of the path, the final piece of the puzzle?
Some people think it is, but it’s a misconception. There is a lot more to learn and imbibe. Soak it up. Look back at yourself. Wade through the turbulence.

Make it the Alpha moment of your life.

Every experience has changed you.
Every moment has molded your thoughts.
Every action of yours has revealed the TRUE YOU.

The archetypal and quintessential YOU is always there.

We just need to go through our Kenshō moments and experience the awakening in bits and pieces.

Am I there yet? Absolutely not- getting there slowly!

With Sādhanā ( disciplined practice ), I hope to reach a stage where I can experience my Kenshō moments, accept them, dwell in the awakening, and vibrate at a higher energy in life.

Have you experienced your Kenshō moment? Do share your thoughts, leave a positive note, and spread your warmth around. 

Coming up next – The Satori Moment ( The fantastic relief, the aha moment, as they call it- at a much higher and deeper level, sudden enlightenment and a state of consciousness attained by intuitive illumination representing the spiritual goal of Zen Buddhism ).


Love, peace & blessings


  1. Gowrisudha

    Love this writE up Monica. Keep writing and i will keep reading. Thank you!!

    • MoNíka

      Thank you Gowri..Really appreciate your support!

  2. Ranjana

    Fantastic Capture!

  3. Geetika

    Beautifully written!


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