Story- kaháni

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What’s your story?  Do you own one?  Are you muted by someone else’s narrative? Don’t let the dust settle on your pages.

Own it.

Your text. Your script. Your folktale. Your saga. Your anecdotes. Your memoír.

Claim your VERSION!

Have you ever struggled to fill out an application or a form asking to describe yourself? A simple, straightforward question, what’s your story? Really, how do I answer that now? Mentally we all claim that we know our inner core very well, but when its time to pen it on paper, we fall short of detailing ourselves. Sounds familiar?

How do I essay out my dreams, passions, purpose, successes, and failures, basically epitomizing my life story? Sketching one’s own parable, such a daunting task, isn’t it?

Growing up, I always wanted to be a doctor. Medicine intrigued me. I used to continually imagine myself in a white coat, in a hospital setting with patients and sharing my healing touch—no other goals or aspirations. I just wanted to have my name with the prefix of Dr. That’s it, and I did not want anything else.
I never paid attention to any other hidden talent or strengths I had stored in me. Well, now I realize we all are a tank full of ambitions and desires. The fire in our belly always screams to remind us that look; this is not the end, the ocean is vast, and your footsteps can tread a million steps forward.
Career is one thing, but is that the only thing that defines you as YOU? No, it doesn’t!

Realize we all have our own combats, our own labor pains, our own triumphs, our own feats, above all, we have our very personal epic tale. Often times we fail to take ownership, we slump and land up in the dregs. The rubble and the debris leave us with disgruntled feelings causing a queasy churn in our emotional well being. That’s when we need to create our own story. Execute it. Narrate it. Unfold it.


Your story finally got crafted!

Remember,- Life is our attitude. Never a straight line. Angulated. Continuity towards the better. An unsolved mystery with the sun rays peeping till eternity!

Love, peace, and blessings!





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  1. Gowrisudha

    Love reading your storieS! Great write up


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