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A young teenager, yes me, growing up in a sweat-free setting, everything so transparent and no unrealistic demands! The alarm goes off in the morning, jump off the bed, enjoy the home-cooked breakfast especially mom’s steaming chai ( tea )! Mind it, had to sit on the table, and was expected to finish till the last bite. Off to school with a simple bye and a warm hug! The day passes by, back home, again a delectable meal to satisfy my taste buds! The study table awaits for me to get rolling with all the assignments. Done and the doorbell rings as friends are eager to play outdoors the most simple yet fun games! As the sun sets, the night starts rolling, tucked in my bed, read my book, eyes gently closing and off to the sleep world. The next morning the whole scenario is on repeat mode! Does any of you remember this effortless and tamable daily schedule of yours? Ahh! how much I miss it to the core! Do you also?

Well, now the alarm goes off, eyes still closed in bed and my brain rattles, is my phone charged? Thank god, I did it last night! Let me quickly check all my emails, WhatsApp messages, and not to forget how many likes I got on my most recent post/photograph on Facebook! My morning chai and breakfast takes a back seat. Well, the morning gets rolling with all the daily chores and trying to be a perfect mom and wife! Same alarm, same sleep mode, same sunlight making its way through the windows but what has changed? Lot’s right? Me now the mom, giving to-go chai, something to munch on to my husband and kids. Not to forget my constant yelling, “Please turn off that damn phone while eating! No social media early morning, focus on the food! This goes on the whole day till the night dawns and by now my vocal cords need some rest. Sigh!

Well, that’s the life we all have nowadays which is slipping away from our hands at a fleeting speed like lightning. 

Why are we letting this happen to us? Are our expressions of our deep emotions limited to the cute funky emojis? Constantly checking Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, is it keeping you sane? These questions constantly hammer me and I often wonder why am I doing this!



Don’t get me wrong, I think social media is a great communication and networking tool but not at the cost of human relationships.

Constant comparison, judging people, imagining that other folks are always on exotic vacations, living a dreamy life and of course venting out, is that what social media should be all about? Nah!

I have to admit that I am in the same situation, but making a genuine effort to slowly wean out of it gracefully! Folks let’s try to distance ourselves from unnecessary noise and clutter. Express yourself verbally, pick up the phone and talk, make your hard copy photo albums, go for a cup of warm coffee with a friend, go for a walk, smell the flowers, admire the green mountains, enjoy the raindrops, have campfires, and above all cherish your family!
Let the simplicity of life take over your soul, the beauty of the day take your breath away and walk gently through the world with love!

Do not let social media control you and give you an unsettling feeling! We all have some creative element hidden in us, search that in your time and share it.

Like, the wise say “Your life becomes a masterpiece if you learn how to master peace”!

** I am still on Facebook, still check my posts and photographs but not letting it hound me anymore! Trust me it’s a blessing!

With all my love- God bless!


  1. Monika

    JEENU says:

    Good work Miss lady! Keep up the good work!!

  2. Monika

    SHALU DEWAN says:

    Very nicely written

  3. Monika

    RITU says:

    Beautifully written and totally agree with u and can relate that we need to slow down and enjoy our life..keep them coming..👌

  4. Monika

    JAS BHANGAL says:
    Lovely read. Thought provoking and beautifully written. Thanks for sharing, Monika.

  5. Monika

    YUDHI AHUJA says:

    Monika known as Mona has given a beautiful thought provoking intellectual piece of write up. Being a practicing doctor by profession, her contribution is worth learning at a time when one needs it. A great message for spending time in the most productive way. Congratulations and keep it up. Blessings.

  6. Monika

    MEG says:
    Nice!! Good one 👍


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