Religious, Spiritual or Both?

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Hot button territory question, oftentimes I have wondered, am I religious, spiritual, both, or am I still struggling to find the right answer?

I have always loved reading deep intuitive content and just a few days back came across the quote by Deepak Chopra saying,
Religion is the belief in someone else’s experience, spirituality is having your own experience!
My thinking gear got alerted, brain cells rattled making noise in an attempt to understand the profundity of the message. I have always been religious, believed very strongly in the power of prayer if I want something really bad I know for sure that God may put me through a test but in the end will take care of my need. Now that gives me the assurance that God does take care of his devotees, miracles do happen and the universe is directly in equation with one’s thought process.

Does that make me spiritual? Not really! I think I am only being religious, believing that there is a physical form watching over me, having a pure relationship with God, conducting prayers, reading holy texts, and full devotion to beliefs having been drafted for years. Does visiting the temple daily, having regular pujas/prayers, keeping fasts in anticipation that all my wishes will be necessarily fulfilled give me the tag of being a gentle soul? This one question has always haunted me and has left a strong imprint in my thought process!
So what are the differences between being religious and spiritual? I have come to the conclusion that life’s experiences and circumstances are a definite teacher to us, although I will acknowledge that I am still in the process of finding answers hoping to have my inquiring mind come to rest one day!

Does spirituality have any rules or chains that we have to get bonded by? Is it based on love or abhorrence? Does it teach us to follow some rigid path or discover our inner being and live with our unclouded conscience? Does it imbibe the thought to tread on your path and be in harmony with the universe? Does it help us being human, be compassionate with tender thoughts? Most important does it talk about the fact that, as long as karma exists the world changes, above all, one gets what one gives?



Over the years I have understood that instead of blindly following the path set by others, I am more content and at peace by creating my own story! My life is my journey based on my reality, my comprehension of experiences, and evolving as a better soul! To some extent it is trying to be spiritual, trying to trust my instincts, empowering me to rise above petty issues, stand tall with only love, and not separating myself from who I inherently am as a soul. It’s a unique connection that I share with my inner self with an attempt to accept myself and the people as crafted by god. I believe it has given me a purpose, a meaning to my life, and explore the transcendental aspects of my existence.

Of course, we do not live in a perfect world, but wouldn’t it be nice to have that impeccable balance between being religious and spiritual both? Is this possible? Well, it’s a personal choice, it’s a long-sought out a path to discover but whatever it is the goal should be to be an individual filled with acceptance, finesse, and grace!

I will still keep praying hard, visiting the temple regularly, keep reading my holy books with the hope to be a liberated human in my life long journey to eternity! It’s a tough highway path, not to be entangled in the worldly materialism or illusion but with the blend of religion and spirituality, it’s definitely achievable!

Do share your thoughts, what do you consider yourself to be, and what you aspire to be. 

Love, peace, and blessings!



  1. MoNíka

    August 29, 2019 at 3:05 am
    Religion, in my opinion is subjective based on one’s family, country of origin and belief. Spirituality is objective and a globally recognized belief in adoption, practice and preaching or sharing. It refers to improving the quality of life not for yourself only but for the community. The answer lies in community service, giving up the materialistic world and surrendering to God. I may be wrong in my belief but spirituality has not dimensions and varies from zero to infinity. Help those who need your help in managing the required lifestyle through health, education, food and hunger.

  2. MoNíka

    December 15, 2019 at 7:57 am
    Hello, yup this piece of writing is truly pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it concerning blogging.



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