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Just the other day, a friend asked me, have you always been so calm? I smiled and said, No! Our conversation went to another thought-provoking level, and I told her it’s been a long process, somewhat an exhausting journey, and it continues to do so.
Lots of laughter, open-ended chit chats, positive and negative feedback, and harsh cleansing from the old shaggy self was an ordeal; rather, it still continues.
***Lessons learned. Lessons noted. Read again- try to understand the difference between the two phrases. It took me a while, but they both have different gravity associated with them.
Let’s accept it; we all have some form of miseries.
We feel empty. We feel barren. We feel let down.
Secret mantra- Be in constant conversation with yourself and bounce right back!
Change is always hard, really hard, never-ending, however, well worth all the crick and burn.
Never RUST- Claim the iron in you!
I am an open book- no gray areas.
I have always been drawn towards an aching heart.
Heal- I strongly believe in being the helping hand. Offer your energy. Paint the perfect smile.
Look beyond the pretense that we carry with us.
Be real for once.
Fix yourself before we try to fix others.
Connect. Explore. Delve.
Be the IRON in you. Bring the iron out in others.
Be that rare combination of the rugged yet reposed.
Fiery with a flaming passion yet serene.
Calm yet stormy.
There is always someone there to sharpen you but in the end, it’s between YOU and YOU only.
When you take the time out to know yourself, it may petrify you. You are stepping into an unknown land where you are a stranger to yourself.
Be the rock. Chisel your rough edges.
What does being strong mean to you?
Do read, comment, share your favorite line, or a quote with the world- it may be of help to someone somewhere on this beautiful planet.
Love, peace & blessings

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  1. Misha

    Awesome and resonating deeply as always !!


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