Quarantined Birthday Wish

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Adversity strikes, we all panic, break into jitters, and see darkness all over! Uproar and whirlwinds of life shake us, we get blown away to the distant not knowing where we will land. We feel that the universe is conspiring against us, all is twirling in the other direction that we never anticipated and above all our faith in the supreme becomes shaky. Our emotions fluctuate and vacillate all over like a pendulum making us flustered as we fear the unperceived facts.

Remember it’s very easy to be righteous in good times, all is simplified as we have it all together and are soaring high in rhapsodic spirits. What matters is how we cope up with ourselves in rocky times when the path is bumpy, when we get knocked out all over, when we get emotionally tangled, when we go through the process of apathy, disbelief, and frenzy.

We need to pause. Breathe. Introspect. Self reflect. Shake our selves. Dig deeper and unveil the latent layers of our soul. We need to excavate, scrape the debris accumulated over the years, and uncover the hidden us in the hollow space. We as humans have the most amazing attributes of grace, compassion, empathy, benevolence and to be magnanimous in our actions towards each other.

It is imperative that we accept, learn, unlearn, and gear our intentions towards a holy path to be in sync with our soul. It is at this time we can build resilience and mettle of our character. We need to create space for the unknown yet the absolute truth of life, take time to deliberate and get to know oneself at a deep-seated level. Trust that all this uncertainty and ambiguity of events will eventually breed wisdom and sophisticated understanding. Time to love all, love hard, love boldly, love ferociously, love brazenly, and not hold any aversion or animus against anyone.
Time to let go and not to be dragged in the trenches over and over again. Time to flush that crummy ego, icky attitude, and blah blah thoughts for others. Time to wish well for your fellow beings, time to pick up the phone and check on your peers, time to send a sweet note to that one left out lonely soul struggling to survive and time to rise above all the deficient psyche. Time to let go of any bias and aversion against anyone, just let go.

Yes, it’s doable!

We all can become a sanctuary of wisdom, the altar of hope, the shrine of tolerance, and a temple of an endless pilgrimage. Our stretched out mind full of experiences has the capacity to move past and never revert back to the old dimensions. We just need to give it a fair and pious chance to recover.

Life is too short, we hear this all the time. Well, I feel the exact opposite, life is long enough to give us many chances to transform, to redeem ourselves, and to improve for the better.

It is up to each and every one of us how we use that for our own well being. Take the onus on your shoulders, fix yourself, and create the right aura!

This cycle of life will eventually end and we all will return into the arms of our mother earth. Let us all be like her who has the power to gratify, calm the soul, forgive infinitely, and rise above all unexplained calamities!

** just a simple birthday wish on 03/23/2020 .. let peace prevail in this world and may we all promise to almighty to be better human beings as he always wanted us to be. We owe it to him and to ourselves to a large degree!
COVID-19 has shaken us to the core and I pay my respect to each and everyone who is putting their life at risk to save us from the deadly virus!


Love, peace, and blessings!



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