Girls, A Priceless Treasure in Time

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Badhai ho, mubarak hoji ladka hua hai! Khushiyaan manao, arrey ladoo baton, daawat kab hai? Oh ho! ladki hui hai, chalo koi baat nahin, next time!! So how many of you have heard such stereotypical and mawkish comments time and again? I have, still keep hearing them, get so irked and wonder are we really advanced in our thinking or are just full of pretense showcasing our brain to be radical? Honestly, this kind of mindset is not only prevalent in the lower class but is so evident in the upper strata as well! 

The most beautiful and authentic creation of god ‘A  Baby Girl’  assumes multiple roles as soon as she steps out of her mother’s womb! Daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, and a friend are just a few roles that she has to absorb in her skin with her very first breath! Every now and then I painstakingly question myself, ‘Are we girls a boon or a curse’? Having been born in a modern and advanced age I comfort myself oftentimes by saying ‘Yes, of course being a girl is the biggest blessing’! However, anytime I log on to my computer, social media, tv, or radio I invariably hear some kind of news that make my brain cells rattle in a sore way, ‘Why always women? Why always girls’? 

Let’s backtrack in time when God created women, he must have pondered real hard, reflected very strongly and with his cognitive abilities carved the most beautiful piece of existence, ‘ YES, US WOMEN ‘! He concentrated unconditional love, wisdom, passion, humility, devotion, strength, power, and above all the undying ability to endure any roadblock in life! All the ancient age-old stories in history revolve around women, life is a ZERO without them! Every generation with mighty kings and their cyclopean empires had some women who played a pivotal role in their life! The list is too long to even pen down their names! East, West, North, and South all across the globe we have women who have broken the chains, voiced their opinions, fought their battles, and marched forward to attain their goals! 

My question to you is:

What do you see when you look in the mirror? I hope it goes beyond skin and outward beauty. I hope what you see is that person who’s so worth it, deserves nothing less than the best. I hope that you see beyond the agony. I hope that you see the glory ahead of you. I hope that you see the strong woman who doesn’t break to fail but breaks to stand and I hope that you’ll always remember that you need to love the person in the mirror first to make a change”! Always remember no one can ever dim the light of a self-reliant woman who is made of steel, so find your bright light!


A few lines that I penned down for us Women

I was born

Welcomed earth in the spring zone

My parents did not  ‘groan’

Of course, I was their gemstone

Scintillating smile and sparkling eyes

God created me to caress the skies

Miracle was created 

Feelings were elated

Magic of passion and power

Created to empower

Resilient, supple and buoyant

Flamboyant yet chatoyant 

Spirit to crush the mountains

Desires always pounding

Living in a world of combust

Am I here to be crushed?

Yes, I am a woman!

Standing tall like the mythical Phoenix

Came into strong existence

Facing all the storms

Breaking all norms

Heartaches, despair, and torment

Never broke me for a moment

Ashes, soot and cinders

Kept showing me wonders

Strong wind swishing through the trees 

Yet, holding on to my dreams with glee

My stalwart and immeasurable soul

With a pot-stirring full of goals

Will claim my own destiny

Flowing with intutivity

Do I have to kneel?

Do I have to squeal?

Do I have to unseal?

Why is everything about being a woman so ‘surreal’?

Why do we forget, we are divine!

To uncover the goldmine

Discover your soul

Flush away the dark coals

Rise up, shape up, mold up

Gigantic and undissuadable

Don’t desert the women in me!

Conquer it all, open up my bones

To find the invincible and indomitable

Yes, that’s me…A WOMAN!  

Love, peace, and blessings!




  1. MoNíka

    Ruhi Sharma says:
    Just read it
    Beautifully written & so passionate 👌🏼
    Keep going dear 😘
    All the best 🙏🏼

  2. MoNíka


    Beautifully worded doc !! You amazingly pen down everyone’s thoughts – that’s a rarity !!

  3. MoNíka

    Jeenu Singh

    Beautifully articulated once again!
    When I see the mirror- I see a queen who is strong and super confident, who is here to rule the world(atleast my home;)).
    I am here to empower other women, our daughters, friends, colleagues and let them know that they should also hold the bullies by their horns, look them up in their eyes & let them know you are the boss woman and own it!!

  4. MoNíka

    Ranjana Saxena
    Beautiful writing….. touches u deep inside…. keep up the excellent

  5. MoNíka

    Tanu Kalra
    Love it Mona❤️

  6. MoNíka


    Mona once again amazing thoughts. You’ve pen them down so beautifully. Loved reading it👍🏻

  7. MoNíka


    Mona I am not a reader but the way you write and make sure the point gets across is just amazing! You have done it again my girl friend! 💜

  8. MoNíka

    Lovely Mona…..beautifully expressed thoughts that definitely touches the heart!!! Cheers to US (women). God Bless my dear!!!

  9. MoNíka

    Priyanka Kapil
    May 11, 2018 at 9:19 pm
    Loved reading it Mona, beautifully written

  10. MoNíka

    Ali akbar
    wow. wow just wow.


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