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Good morning world,

I know we cannot be The Buddha, Jesus Christ, Prophet Mohammad, or Dalai Lama, but the least we can do is follow their teachings and be a good human being as God intended us to be.

So many brutalities and atrocities all across the globe, why, why, why! Are we taking being a human being for granted and losing all our humanity in that process? Compassion, gratitude, and empathy, where are all these attributes disappearing? Will peace and tolerance ever prevail in this world?

I really wish we all could live by the quote: ” I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people” ~ Vincent Van Gogh


Love, peace & blessings!


  1. Alka

    Well said mona

  2. Sonia Makhija

    Very well said.. luv luv luv❤️❤️❤️

  3. Yogi chugh

    these are beautiful and thoughtful words. Just what I needed to hear as I too search for my own answers. I too yearn for a beautiful world in which we all love and care for everyone equally.

  4. Raman Sanghera

    Well said!! ❤️👏👏

  5. Sushma malhotra

    Great words Mona

  6. kuldip malhotra

    I am lost too. Does two wrongs make one right ?
    People did not see their own parents, brothers,sisters for months.
    People did not attend funerals of the loved ones.
    Millions of lives destroyed due to economic loss.
    But people fully participated in destroying properties, looting and making other people sick or got infected.
    To some joining the protest was cool thing to do rather than address the problem.
    Am I lost or missing? I also want to end prejudice and racism, but not this way.

  7. Dr. yudhi Ahuja

    The well known saying “Love Begets Love “. But we have to go much beyond. Love society, community and God totally selflessly and unconditionally. Well said, Mona.

  8. Shilpa

    Love it!

  9. Veenu Khanna

    Good thoughts Mona💕

  10. MoNíka

    Lucy Chaddha Love this so much!

  11. MoNíka

    Subhalakshmi Gupta— So true…May the world wake up to a New Dawn…Healing Prayers and Love 🙏❤️

  12. MoNíka

    Rewa Kumar– Very Gud teachings

  13. MoNíka

    Varghese Abraham —Yes Monika, peace and tolerance will prevail in this world but not now . The world will go through much more troubles than ever, before such a peaceful and joyous time!

  14. MoNíka

    Smita Sehgal –So very well expressed as always💕 i love how you bring your thoughts to paper!

  15. MoNíka

    Veena Birla —Great thought Monika❤️❤️
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