Do You Know Your Purpose?

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Every night I put my head on the pillow, the clock strikes every hour reminding me that I need to sleep. A flash of my accident blocks my vision, a big teardrop rolls down my cheeks and I start questioning God, why me? I had only gone to pray to you and look what happened!

The next minute I am consoling myself that it’s okay, you are safe now, in the comfort of your home and amidst all your loved ones. This has been going on for almost two weeks now, occasional self-pity and utter dismay! What is going on? I am in constant turmoil, feeling petrified and trying to find some connection within my deeper self! What is making me so phlegmatic and quiescent towards situations?

As our old and wise elders say, there is always a reason for what happens in life. One has to accept our destiny gracefully, nimbly, and move on to the next level. Yes, that is true to some extent but don’t you think there is a definite purpose for all of us to be alive? This question constantly bothered me day and night, which made me distressed and fearful as to what the future holds for me. My family loves me, my closet is full, have luxury cars and to top it off I am a doctor, one of the most gratifying achievements for me! But you know what something was still missing! What was that?

Flashback: I remember as a child I was always very deep and intuitive. I could sit for hours and ponder over situations. My inner self prompted me to pick up the pen and start writing whatever came to my tender and youthful mind. I did that for years but never mustered the courage to share my thoughts with anybody. The more I thought about that, the more it irked my senses!

I mused real hard, shook my brain, maybe my approach towards life was all crinkled and tortuous! What is your purpose Monika? Is being a doctor, a wife, a mother, and trying to please all human relationships enough? The answer I got was a simple No! Then what was it? My question to all of you is, do you know your purpose?

Well, whatever the deep passion is, whatever ignites you, whatever churns your muscles, is the unrelenting connection to your work is your hidden drive for life!

Having struggled for years to explore my path in life, this one accident shook me to the core! I have always loved writing, will continue to do so with a genuine desire to inspire and galvanize other’s passions. Folks, if you love something, Just Do It! Explore, introspect, delve into your inner self and find that latent passion!

Shake yourself real hard, find one thing that gives you clarity and capture it! Do not let it slip from your hands, embrace it, and stay in close touch with your zeal! Have no doubt that we all are unique and have something very prized to offer each other. When you live your passion and fulfill your purpose the vacuum of your life will dissipate automatically.

We live only once, live it with a PURPOSE!


Love, peace, and blessings!

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  1. Monika

    PRIYANKA says:

    Great going Mona. A very thought provoking article with a very simple yet deep and beautiful message. If we can learn, understand and incorporate this in our lives then we would be so much better as human beings.Great work. Keep writing and keep inspiring…..


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