Boundaries-Yes or No?

Boundaries, something I have always struggled with especially on the personal front.

Never understood when and where to draw the fine line. However, with the passage of time, now I strongly believe to do so as it keeps the essence of any relationship crisp and fresh.

Weak boundaries will leave you vulnerable however strong boundaries will strengthen and energize you internally.

Set. Reset. Accept.

Put yourself first. Assess. Move forward.

Make life easy and simple. Why complicate?

Most of all, love yourself before others.


Remember the world can WAIT.



My energy was getting depleted.

I was mentally drained out.

Could not understand for a while however, some good folks in my life explained to me the meaning of not slamming the FINE LINE.

That was the magical twist.

Do what your heart tells you.

Three utmost rejuvenating pearls with me now.


My Coffee

My Aligned Chakras 


Something to work on

Tune into your feelings. Fix your aura. Come to terms with your self.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy. Be ready to sweat bullets. Take that harsh but wise decision and set healthy boundaries. You will do yourself a huge favor!

Many of us live in denial of who we truly are because we fear losing someone or something and there are times that if we don’t rock the boat, too often the one we lose is ourselves. It feels good to be accepted, loved, and approved of by others, but often the membership fee to belong to that club is far too high of a price to pay. ― Dennis Merritt Jones


What did I do:

1. First and foremost I took responsibility for myself. No one is obliged to be a caretaker of my emotions and my inner thought process.

2. I am the sole master. I learned how to respect and love myself. Come on folks, get to know yourself better!

3. Explained to myself that people do not necessarily mean what they say, so no need to take everything personally.

4. It’s okay to say NO, that was a tough one for me, and I am still learning that. Remember NO is not a negative word, rather it’s a sheltering word.

5. Be affectionately detached from all. Be there and yet do not be there. One of the finest traits that I have understood and working on it diligently.

6. Created my own psychic space. I owned all the rooms and did not have any unsought RENTERS.

7. I completely stopped fixing others, rather started analyzing things from their lens and perspective. That was a WIN-WIN for sure.

8. Communication is the key. I understood to talk with clarity and the right intention.

9. I realized that by setting healthy boundaries I may hurt the other one occasionally, however, it will eventually help to harness growth and self-actualization.



TIP #1



TIP #2

Be Flexible


TIP #3

Uncomfortable- It’s oḰay


TIP #4

Accept Consequences


TIP #4

Take a step back


TIP #5

Transform Energy



Do share a positive word, a warm-fuzzy comment, listen to yourself, and respect your gut.

Love, peace & blessings!




  1. Rupali

    SucH a lovely reminder. In the midst of everything we forget to stop and breathe and to lOve ourself which ia sUch an important part of our growth. Yes many things have fine lines and if We start reaLizing and making Decisions accordingly, we will be at much happier place! Loved reading it!

  2. Misha

    AS always – eAch and every word holds true and rings true because we all deal with this everyday . Well wrItten !!

  3. Tanu

    Love it dear. Totally agree that we are always busy in pleasing Others and forget Our own self

  4. Dr. Yudhi Ahuja

    Great ideas and reality of life. Love thySelf and do YOUR-OWN INTROSPECTION. Enjoy life.

  5. Sudha

    Loved reaDing this. Be affectionately detached… hard to do but much Needed!

  6. Shibani

    So beAutifully wRitten , you definitely read my mind today .. needed This and you said it all ..

  7. ArchaNa

    I Can read this over and over, we need these as daily reminderS! Thanks for another wonderful Article.


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