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I am not a difficult woman at all.

I am simply a strong woman and know my worth- Anonymous

I absolutely love my lunch or coffee dates with my teenage daughter. Her wit, humor, and nitty-gritty questions amuse me. I often wonder how a sixteen-year-old can be so observant and perceptive in her thinking.
Thursday afternoon, the one hour drive to the cafe was a cup full of giggles, and a conversation flooded with life lessons.

The entire day I kept reminiscing about our short yet meaningful talks and was fully prepared to have a sermon session later.

Her candid and open chit chat sessions leave me either smiling ear to ear or make me shed a teardrop. Mom, you don’t know anything, and the very next second, mom, can you please help me. I am like, is this the same daughter talking or some alien from another planet. A crazy combination of an impending hurricane with the vibrant hues of the colorful rainbow!

The door banging, mood swings, cuddles at night, and spilling out the most intimate secrets, soul connect- I believe, if you know what I mean!

A simple comment of hers, ” Mom, you are compassionate and emotional by nature.” Hmm, am I? It got me thinking. Yes, at one point, I sure was, but the intensity most definitely has dipped. Has it? I don’t know for sure!
Our exchange of thoughts on this topic was like a flaming wildfire. Her constant questioning and me, a typical mom- the preaching mode did not want to end.

So finally, I reasoned with her with the hope that I make some sense.

We talk to the supreme power.

Overflowing emotions. Ripple of thoughts.

A surge of adrenaline.

Do we ever gauge what’s passing through the windows of our souls?

 People will always have opinions, good or bad. Does it really matter?

 The important thing is what we think about ourselves- that’s it; the rest is


Little did she realize that I was echoing my mother’s words to her verbatim. I have to be a good student in the first place; only then can I be an astute teacher- I think this stuck in my head growing up; however, I did my fair share of goof-ups, making me human after all.



Like all mothers, my wish for my daughter is never to falter, no matter what the circumstances.
Be calm yet choppy
Be tranquil yet gutsy


Be rock solid like steel, NEVER TO RUST!

Not forgetting the most amazing lunch date with my son – coming soon- with the promise to listen more and talk less!

Do share a positive word, a warm-fuzzy comment, and your experiences!

Love, peace & blessings!


  1. Tanu

    I can totally relate to this. Being a mom of 2 gRown up Girlsi know how enjoyable are the chat sessions and how Nice and important it feels when girls share secreTs with you. Girls are tHe best friends forever💕

  2. Geetika

    I love my lunch dates with my girls 💕

  3. Dr. Yudhi Ahuja

    Dating with kids is always enjoyable. Rarely I get a chance to go with my daughters but listening to them becomes education. Keep up this hobby of spending time with children. You will never get bored.

  4. Smita

    Loved it! It took me back to memory lane when i was 16 year old.. things are very different with 16 yo boy😆 its more like bro sis than son mom duo

  5. Ranjana Saxena

    Such a sweet note… precious time and wisdom sharing😀❤️❤️

  6. Premila

    Haha, yes I agree


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