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**Not a preacher, nor a teacher either!


I just try to share my personal day to day experiences loaded with meaningful lessons with all of you. I guess God has been immensely gracious to me that I am able to express myself through the power of words!
Not a perfect person either, subject to mistakes, who doesn’t but it’s all about the effort one puts in to improve and try to be a better human being. If one can accept, shed ego, and acknowledge one will always be ahead of the game, after all, it’s a learning curve. Everyone has a different path and journey to tread on but if we can learn from each other, why not! If my words can help or heal someone, somewhere to some degree on this planet I will consider myself one blessed soul!

I sincerely thank all of you who take the time out to read, message me personally, and share your feedback. It’s a driving force for me and gives me tons of strength to pursue my goals.

Love, peace, and blessings!




  1. MoNíka

    Sheetal –Beautiful always love your writing ❤️

  2. MoNíka

    Nona Zack Beautiful and so true👍👍going to share🙂

  3. MoNíka

    Gael Stewart Very inspiring….keep writing

  4. MoNíka

    Rekha Malik Dear Monika, very powerful composition.You are a great loving person.

  5. MoNíka

    Archita Mandal Fallini Beautifully said!

  6. Dr. yudhi Ahuja

    Great learning from our own daughter. Learning is a life long process; the source is not important but the contents are precious and valuable.

  7. Tanu

    So true👌👏👍

  8. Geetika

    Love how you express your thoughts on words Mone. Keep it going my dear

  9. Sonia Makhija

    Words are strong
    Thoughts are awesome

  10. maxine


  11. vandana YADAV

    Beautiful and inspiring words Mona 👌🏼💕
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