Who am I?

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As a child my ears always caught on to comments about myself, she is too deep, very profound, empathetic and an avid thinker. I always thought I was a bit different from others, one second I was a chatterbox and the next second was like a mum monk. Growing up it did not register much to me and I could not soak up the true essence of who I really was. I always had tons of questions about my identity, my sense of existence, and most of all what is my true purpose in this life. After all, we are an integral part of the universe and owe a big chunk of us to this priceless gift. Has been the longest struggle of my life, still battling to find answers to some unanswered questions and patiently waiting for the right time. 

Have you ever wondered who you really are?

I AM are two of the most powerful and liberating words that shape us externally and internally. Things happen in life, that’s okay. People disappoint us, that’s okay. We disappoint ourselves, that’s okay. Have no doubt that we all are unique and have something very prized to offer each other.

Take the time out, peek within yourself, ignore the outward noise and clutter, you will be pleasantly surprised to say hello to yourself!

Who am I
An amalgamation
Concrete and subliminal
Illusory and whimsical
Who am I
A tank full of emotions
An ocean full of love
A force beyond the sun
A force beyond the moon
A force looking beyond the horizon
A force beyond the bounds
Who am I
A dancing ballerina
Inundated in solitude
Inundated in hope
Inundated in desire
Who am I
Flawed and warped
Black and white
Confounded with shades of gray
Beyond the realm of reality
Who am I
With a numb smile
Frozen chuckles
Shattered bonds
Yet self-assured
Yet empathetic
Yet sanguine

Who am I
A soul tip toeing
A soul yearning
A soul-seeking
A soul unearthing
Who am I
A whiff of air
A lost droplet
A stumbled rock
Who am I
Drenched in nature’s symphonies
Soaked in my own reflection
Immersed in my own flame
Igniting the fire
Smoking cinders
Ruminating and musing
In the quest
To search
Who am I
Living with a zeal
Ardently waiting
To close this chapter
With acceptance, grace, and cheer!

Love, peace, and blessings!


  1. MoNíka

    Lucy Chaddha –So awesome! Resonated, vibrated to each feeling & thought.

  2. MoNíka

    Sue Khanna –So true n befitting. From time to time we always stop to ponder this very important question that pops into our brain. Many a time we are scared to meet our true authentic selves so we shove it underneath the carpet, drag that thought to the corners of our brain. And again it pops up. Still we never find the answer and that is the pursuit of life

  3. MoNíka

    Paro Roy –U r the most beautiful person God ever made

  4. MoNíka

    Monika Malhotra –What a write up..

  5. MoNíka

    Rita Sharma– Monika about 1991 or 92 I attended a talk by Swami Chinmayananda at UC Irvine on who Am I? One of my most life changing experiences

  6. MoNíka

    Jayesh Gohel– Loved this. Yes and we are constantly changing, forever asking the question who am I now.

  7. MoNíka

    Rummy Dhillon –I am trying to find myself still

  8. Geetika

    Yes, we are and will keep discovering ourselves forever.

  9. Tanu

    Love it

  10. dipak Awasti

    What a great write up from the beginning to the end. Thanks for sharing with us.

  11. Aarti Makhijani

    Beautiful 👌👌

  12. Sushma malhotra

    So enlightening!

  13. Poonam Mishra

    Strong bold articulate intelligent warm and loving, thats who you are for sure and more…keep penning your beautiful thoughts…always a treat!

  14. Sonia Makhija

    As you move forward in Life.. Life itself gives you, shows you, rather help you to find all your hidden asks.. but in this journey one should never forget.. there own #AIM as they say..Mujh mey Tu Tujhe mey main basa.. { I m in U.. U in me}… which means when you give away #Main you will surely find #I … rest you leave it for #PathofLife… coz if you are confused u confuse surroundings.. & if you are at #Peace you spread #happiness.. so just keep moving forward and don’t look back…❤️❤️

  15. Rupali

    Another lovely write up Mona👌🏼 Discovering the answer to this question is actually what makes us stronger and helps us in overcoming provocation and challenges in life (makes us more secure and contended)💞 Keep it coming girl😘

  16. kuldip malhotra

    The day when someone realizes he is zero, zilch, nothing they attain nirvana.
    Kabir said
    जब मैं था तब हरि नाहीं
    जब हरि है तब मैं नाहीं

  17. Monika Kodnani

    Lovely thought provoking post as always, MoNíka!
    Delete or hide this

  18. Dr. Ahuja

    We have a question whenever Mona writes from her heart. We are remembered of her sitting in the Balcony outside her bed room in Vasant Enclave in India and writing something. We tak pride in being Monika’s parents.
    Prabha-Yudhi Ahuja

  19. Raman Sanghera

    Very well written. It is a treat to read your blogs. Keep it up ❤️


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