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I have not tasted cakes, pastries, muffins, and dessert platters in years when served in fancy cafes, events, or even at home.
My luck, as I am a pure vegetarian, so no eggs in my stomach.
However, the tables turned upside down during our Mendocino trip last month. I was on a roll when I got to taste hot, soft, feathery, pillowy beignets rolled in chocolate sauce and apricot preserve ever in my life.
My taste buds were satisfied and dancing with joy. Vegan, scrumptious, toothsome, and loaded with sweetness, the most delectable dessert I have tasted in eon years. The child in me sprouted, and I was delighted to see the beignets served in beautiful cutlery, waiting for the first bite.
I gobbled up the first piece without a word from my mouth; why waste precious time? Who cares about the fat getting added to my thighs and arms?
I was in seventh heaven!
I enjoyed every second of it and did not want them to end; however, every good thing has a timeline.
Now I am eagerly waiting for our next getaway and on the hunt for more vegan places to keep my sweet tooth satiated.
What did I learn:
~Life is a continuous series of events, forever changing. A smart move is to keep the good and flush the bad, taking the lessons along with it.
Touch, feel, and cherish each experience!
We don’t remember days; we remember moments- Cesare Pavese
Love, peace & blessings


  1. vandana YADAV

    Yummm !! You brought some back to share I hope 😋

  2. Ranjana Saxena

    So aptly captured like dessert need to enjoy life as it comes!!💕💕
    And as it comes enjoy and live to the fullest!!
    Heading to eat my dessert now😜

  3. geetika

    Anytime I see the word dessert, I think of you now 😊

  4. Tanu kalra

    Finally you had some cake dear😘😘 you and dessert💕💕

  5. Sushma malhotra

    Sounds yummy

  6. Poonam Mishra

    Looks so good! Glad you enjoyed! Btw Amia in our own hood makes vegan.


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