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Good morning world,
Opening up to my emails/social media messages early morning is like digging through a treasure box flooded with notes from folks I have never met or even spoken to. It gives me an immense sense of satisfaction that I am treading on a path where I may be alone but surrounded by ample grace and elegance.
The delicate balance and harmony are by far insurmountable.
What an amazing and rejuvenating feeling- Thank you so much!
I try to share my innermost thoughts with all of you, hoping that I could make a difference in someone’s life in some positive way.
We all are vulnerable to some extent in spilling out our most profound feelings with the universe, but if the intent is pure- why worry!
Remember, we all are growing and amplifying our inductive power to reason and move forward. Maybe you do not see it yet, but I promise you will spring up one fine morning like me with a smile on your face if you keep working on yourself.
You are growing.
You are spreading your wings.
Connect with each cell of your body.
Create your patchwork of flourishing desires.
Connect with all the smiles, tears, anguish, and realities.
Get up every single day with hope and faith- You got this!
Love, peace & blessings


  1. Geetika

    Lovely Mona. Very relatable and goes straight into our hearts!

  2. Sushma malhotra

    Keep writing Mona

  3. RmanaA Raju

    Well written and inspiring

  4. Tanu

    So true. Love it.


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