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I was never a bold person. Extroverted yes, talkative yes, in fact, I was called a chatterbox in all my school years, made friends very easily and I assumed that it was enough to survive in this world where being real is considered as being a screwball and a flipped over coin.

 I have always admired when someone is daring and nervy enough to stand by the truth, be fearless to speak up against all odds, and not break into a sweat. Needs guts, tons of grit and spunk, immense intestinal fortitude, and the ability to stand tall in a crowd where one can be easily targeted. When you are bold, you are free, no cuffs, you are a bird who has flown away from the cage, broken all the shackles moving to the skies way above and beyond.

It takes one harsh word, one discordant phrase, one creaking incident, that can make or break you. My accident in 2017 and a few heart-rending personal incidents made me realize that I have so much inner strength, a core as firm as metal, and a heart that is supple yet stalwart. In spite of being well educated, pursuing the medical profession I underestimated myself, my abilities, my competence, and my potential to face all adversities. I thought being a doctor was enough to get respect and be revered by others. No, I was absolutely wrong. It takes tons of hard work, lots of inner mettle, a bag full of nerve, and a fiery backbone to be a wholesome package.

The day I realized that I was on a different path from others, have my own personal journey to tread on, an untraveled road to walk on I found myself more alone yet had this unseen force guiding me through. 

It was that beaming light that shook me, created ripples, and pushed me to become a daring version of myself. I wanted to release myself from all the bars of bondage that were holding me back for so long, wanted to create my identity, my SELF, and above all just be ME. I felt my life was disintegrating, I was drifting apart and I was outgrowing the souls I could not connect to at a deeper level. Mostly I was powered with the innate capacity to speak my heart out and emancipate myself from binding thoughts that were buried inside me. There were moments when I was so confused and perplexed, did not understand myself, and wondered if I was on the right track. The outward noise and clutter were unable to seep into my inner nucleus and that’s when I knew I was going to be okay.

There was a shift in my paradigm of thought, I could sense the energy converge and deflect at the same time.
I just knew I had hit the jackpot as I was going to be the new BOLD ME. I decided to emit my own light, dive deep into my internal ocean of raw energy, and radiate it to the entire space around me. 

Acceptance and disgruntled feelings from the surroundings came along with it but I was adamant enough not to get jolted by those external forces.

I believe that we all have an element of The Buddha buried somewhere in us coupled with the brassy element shining through. The important thing for me was to capture the later and exhibit the resilient and tenacious me to myself.

The day I accepted that I am a steadfast and forceful caravan there was no looking back. I am fully aware that the higher force, the illuminating light of the universe, and the monumental master of the world is always on my side.

Make sure your voice is heard. Stand up for yourself no matter what. Always remember, only you and yourself can protect you.

My wish for all of you- Be gutsy. Be confident. Be upbeat and fearless. Be daring and undaunted. Be proud yet humble. Be boisterous yet calm. Be stormy yet dove-like. Be resolute yet malleable.

As they say, be bold or italic but never regular!

Above all #theboldwithinme

Love, peace, and blessings!


  1. Tanu

    I can so relate to this Mona. Love it

  2. Raman Sanghera

    👏👏👏. No words, simply appreciation. Totally loved it. Yup, being bold requires lots of guts and we should thank our genes and our upbringing that we are blessed with one. I am almost getting there. My only struggle right now is being bold but not come across as an arrogant or angry. I want to be bold with lots of humility and calm (most challenging for me due to my Punjabi blood 😁) and not only for myself but to spread goodness in the world and to help the weak who are not as privileged as we are. Need more discussion with you on this topic. Keep writing and know that you got a fan of your writing ❤️👌. I read your poem from other day every day. Chak de (my mantra for anything or everything).

  3. Shibani


  4. Monika Kodnani

    Beautiful post, MoNíka!!

  5. Ruby Walia

    great write up and 100% agree & you know I vouch and stand for the same. We all got “Buddha and Badass” in us, but most of the time don’t practice.. Well I have surely started to practice it long back.
    Trust me being “Alone” is better than being with a wrong crowd. But it doesn’t mean we are “Lonely”. There is a difference between the two. Speaking your truth is liberating. I’m glad you took a step towards “Yourself” that many can’t. Keep treading on the same trajectory and write your own graceful journey. 🙏🤗❤️👏👏

  6. Ruby Walia

    This is what I just mentioned in my above ☝️comment and just found this on FB by Brene Brown. This is not a co-incidence, it’s an indication. I love her books, read four of em’.

  7. Anu Mahal

    This part of realization is called coming home to self

  8. Geetika

    You are a strong person. And bold too. We just sell ourselves short. The right time and opportunity surface our strengths. Stay on your path – it’s a good place to be in 😊

  9. Alka

    Being bold also comes from having high confidence, self love and self esteem. Sometimes life lessons play a big factor in bringing out the bold in you. We all have it. It’s a matter of trusting yourself.

  10. Aarti Makhijani

    Love This!


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