Introducing 12.01 am thoughts.
As my head touches the pillow before I close my eyes, my thoughts kick in with full speed. I visualize my entire day and replay any scenario that may have had a profound impact on me. I try to self-reflect and will admit that my brain becomes a lone wanderer. Pen and paper have become my best friends with whom I can share my most deeply rooted feelings.
Good people make bad decisions, wrong choices, and that should not be held against them. To err is human, after all.
Do not let it haunt you for life; collect your broken pieces, muster your courage, move forward, you owe it to yourself.
I genuinely feel happy when my readers can relate to my cerebral musings, and if I can help or heal anyone on this planet with my words, I would consider myself a blessed soul.
***Always remember your thoughts are your best teachers- acknowledge them as they come along.
Love, peace & blessings



  1. jyoticamehta

    Well said!!! Beautiful

  2. Sonia Makhija


  3. Tanu kalra

    True that 👌


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